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I longed to take to the skies when I was a kid, defying gravity as I soared through the air like a superhero. And even though I never achieved my dreams in real life, DJI’s Goggles Racing Edition comes close.

The Goggles sit over your face like a VR helmet, immersing you in the view from your DJI drone. The set-up is heavy but the headband rests comfortably on your head, taking much of the weight off the display unit that covers your face.

I found the Goggles comfortable to wear, even when I was sweating bucketloads in the hot outdoor sun. The headset comes in two parts, which you snap together to use. Tighten the strap and it’ll sit snugly on your head. I had no issues wearing it over my glasses and you can flip it upwards to see the real world. The alignments of the lenses can also be adjusted as well.

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