Here are a few fitness apps to get you moving

One of my colleagues recommended Aaptiv to me earlier this year. I was skeptical of paying for a fitness app, but she shared her code with me for a free 30-day trial. At the time, I was considering signing up for a half marathon. I saw Aaptiv had a program for it and decided to give it a try.

Each workout is an audio track, with no visuals or videos. A trainer guides me through, giving instructions, sharing tips and encouraging me along the way. Now three weeks out from the race, I’m still training with Aaptiv.

I use some of Aaptiv’s other classes for arms and ab workouts. Most of the time I’m able to understand the instructions without seeing what they look like. Sometimes I need to pause the track to look up the move being described.

For this review, I tested a yoga class, an exercise I never do and one that involves the trainer describing poses. The instruction was clear and I put my feet and hands in the correct places, but it would’ve been helpful to see an image or video of the correct form.

While I was at the gym, a real-world yogi walked over and pressed down on my back during downward dog because I was apparently doing something that looked more like a quasi plank. I wouldn’t have known without seeing the correct form.

Aaptiv is geared toward people who need clear instruction while working out. For the most part, it’s helpful, but some may find themselves wanting a bit more guidance.

Cost: $ 14.99 per month, $ 99.99 per year

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