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Toaster ovens aren’t the most thrilling of appliances. In terms of excitement, they’re right up there with microwaves. But what if a toaster oven was powerful enough to serve as an air fryer, too? That’s the claim Black & Decker makes about its Large Capacity Air Fry Toaster Oven. If true, it’ll be the company’s first such combo appliance.

Air fryers work by using a robust convection heating system to generate enough heat and swirling air currents to crisp and caramelize food. They also cook with much less oil, or sometimes none at all. Air fryers tend to roast items faster and more evenly than ordinary toaster ovens too. (For a taste of what air fryers can do, check out our review of the DeLonghi Multifry.)

Air frying is a tall order for any kitchen appliance. Even full-size ovens can stumble while providing convection heat. If Black & Decker’s countertop toaster can pull it off, it’ll be a nifty trick. 

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