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I’m not a jewelry guy.  I have one ring: my wedding ring. So for me, the strangest part of getting a second ring was determining which finger to wear it on. Ultimately, I put the dark titanium and plastic Motiv Ring on the same finger of my other hand, mirroring my wedding band. It looks fine. In fact, a few people ask what type of ring I’m wearing. I tell them it’s a fitness tracker. They usually do a slow blink.

The $ 199 Motiv Ring, which debuted last fall, measures steps, sleep, resting and active heart rate, and lasts about three days on a charge. (It’s not available in the UK or Australia, but the US price translates to about £140 or AU$ 250.) It syncs via Bluetooth to your iPhone — sorry, no Android support yet. It’s shocking to realize that everything a basic fitness tracker does can be shrunk down to so small a size. The waterproof ring has its own battery, plus an accelerometer and even an optical heart rate sensor.

The Motiv has no indicators, just an LED that changes color when it’s charging. The ring magnetically snaps onto its USB charge dongle, but no AC adapter comes in the box.

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