Notorious cult leader and murderer Charles Manson dead in prison at 83

Notorious murderer Charles Manson died of natural causes on Sunday evening, according to prison officials. He was 83-years-old.

Manson was deemed responsible for a two-day murderous rampage through southern California in August 1969 that left seven people dead.

Pregnant actress Sharon Tate, hairstylist Jay Sebring, heiress Abigail Folger, writer Wojciech Frykowski and teenager Steven Parent, were killed at Tate’s rental home on Aug. 9. The next day, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were killed at their home.

While Manson didn’t commit the killings himself, he commanded others to do so.

Prosecutors said he sent his followers out to commit savage murders of high-profile people around Los Angeles in a bid to start a race war.

The Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys released a statement quoting Vincent Bugliosi, the attorney who prosecuted Charles Manson.

“Manson was an evil, sophisticated con man with twisted and warped moral values,” the statement quoted Bugliosi. “Today, Manson’s victims are the ones who should be remembered and mourned on the occasion of his death,” the statement concludes.

Manson and three of his followers were convicted in 1971 and sentenced to death, but the death sentences were commuted to life sentences when a California Supreme Court ruling abolished capital punishment in 1972.

ABC News’ Andrew Paparella and Lauren Effron contributed to this report.

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