Paul Ryan slammed for tweet about $1.50 pay hike

Feb. 3 (UPI) — Democrats on Saturday slammed Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for tweeting about a Pennsylvania woman whose paycheck went up by $ 1.50 a week, citing the raise as a success of the recently passed GOP tax-reform bill.

“A secretary at a public high school in Lancaster, PA, said she was pleasantly surprised her pay went up $ 1.50 a week … she said [that] will more than cover her Costco membership for the year,” Ryan tweeted.

The tweet was later deleted after a storm of backlash called him out for being out of touch with the reality about low-income financial situations.

Several Democrats noted on social media that $ 1.50 per week is not a significant pay bump.

“Paul Ryan deleted his embarrassing tweet of a blatant admission because he and Republicans don’t want you to know the truth: the #GOPTaxScam is a gift to corporate America and the top 1% at your expense,” Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, tweeted.

Randy Bryce, the Democrat in Wisconsin running against Ryan, took advantage of the tweet, calling for $ 1.50 in donations to help unseat him.

“Moments ago, @PRyan deleted this tweet after we told him just how out of touch he was. Show Paul Ryan what you think of his tax bill. Chip in $ 1.50 now to help us repeal and replace Ryan permanently this November.”

Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom also weighed in.

“Guess someone told Paul Ryan you shouldn’t go around praising yourself for giving a working person an extra $ 1.50 a week – because he deleted this tweet.”

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