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Florida driver accidentally drives into a pool, report says

A driver in Sarasota, Fla., hit the gas instead of breaks and ended up at the

Tennessee man charged after boy, 8, accidentally shoots mom at college baseball game

A Tennessee man was charged this week after police say an 8-year-old boy mistook his handgun

Texas man detained by ICE accidentally released by police; local officials can’t re-arrest him

A Texas inmate held on an ICE detainer was unintentionally released, officials said. (Bexar County Sheriff’s

Police release body cam footage of officer accidentally shooting partner

A police department in Indiana released shocking footage of an officer accidentally shooting his partner in

Teen commits suicide after accidentally shooting and killing friend: Police

One teenager was accidentally shot, and another committed suicide in related tragedies hours before ringing in

24 Amazon workers sent to hospital after robot accidentally unleashes bear spray

Twenty-four Amazon workers in New Jersey have been hospitalized after a robot accidentally tore a can

Missing 6-year-old boy accidentally drowned: Autopsy

Six-year-old Maddox Ritch, whose body was found in a creek after he vanished in a North