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Alabama police officer shot and killed in shootout with suspect: cops

A veteran police officer in Tuscaloosa, Ala., was shot and killed Monday after a shootout with a suspect

Alabama man arrested after stealing air conditioning units from preschool: police

An Alabama man was arrested Wednesday after police say he stole “a large number” of air

Alabama animal shelter says it mistakenly killed woman’s dog

An Alabama animal shelter says it mistakenly euthanized a woman’s dog only hours after picking it

Alabama police officer shot, suspect dead after armed robbery turns into shootout in downtown Birmingham

An Alabama police officer was shot and wounded and a suspect was killed after an armed

Alabama woman charged with locking up, starving brother

Police say an Alabama woman locked her developmentally disabled brother in his room and starved him.

Alabama woman charged after allegedly stabbing two men at wedding reception

A  woman has been charged with second-degree assault after she stabbed two men at a backyard wedding reception

Alabama boy with one-of-a-kind genetic disorder defies odds at age 6: It’s a ‘miracle’

A 6-year-old boy who according to doctors’ estimates wouldn’t make it past his third or fourth

Alabama man arrested after biting off woman’s finger, police allege

Police in Alabama said they arrested a man early Sunday morning after he bit off a

Searchers find bodies of 2 victims of Alabama boat collision

Search crews have recovered the bodies of two of the three people who went missing in

Alabama man arrested for tossing cigarettes to inmates on Fourth of July

A man was arrested after authorities say he tossed cigarettes to an inmate work crew putting