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We’re in a ‘stealth bull market’ with new all-time highs ahead: Raymond James’ Jeff Saut

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Juuling: the latest smoking trend to hit college campuses Juuling is the latest smoking craze to

Oil prices stable as U.S. production stands at all-time high

March 6 (UPI) — U.S. crude oil prices were stable Tuesday as production in the nation

Square shares hit an all-time high, but nobody is sure why

Square shares hit an all-time intraday high on Monday, rising over 9.5 percent, as shares changed

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Forget Powerball: A growing number of Americans already have a cool million sitting in the bank.

'The Last Jedi' opens with $220 million in 2nd best weekend of all-time

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” will happily settle for second. Rian Johnson’s second installment in the

Life after Amazon: Costco, other select retail stocks just hit all-time highs

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are showing signs of life at a time when a lot of people

Bitcoin hits all-time high above $11,700 as recovery accelerates

In a massive rebound from a 20 percent plunge last week, bitcoin surged Sunday to a

Bitcoin rebounds to all-time high, shrugs off cryptocurrency hack

Bitcoin prices recovered to reach a record high on Tuesday as investors in the space shrugged