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Guatemala to elect president amid tensions over violence, migration

GUATEMALA CITY (Reuters) – Guatemalans on Sunday will vote for a new president, who will face

Iran renews nuclear pact ultimatum amid tensions with U.S.

DUSHANBE (Reuters) – Iran will continue scaling back compliance with a nuclear deal unless other signatories

US futures fall amid worries over Middle East tensions and weak China data

U.S. stock futures were lower on the final trading day of the week, with investors monitoring

China’s rare earths exports fell in May amid trade war with the US

Miners are seen at the Bayan Obo mine containing rare earth minerals, in Inner Mongolia, China

Amid Deaths and Violations at Cleveland Jail, Ohio Governor Plans to Increase Oversight

Amid mounting accusations of civil rights violations and unsafe conditions at a Cleveland jail where several

Italy faces ‘momentous moment’ amid political fights, threats and instability

Italy appears to have lurched further into another political crisis with gusto although Matteo Salvini, the

Senate committee focuses on pain sufferers denied painkillers amid opioid crisis

As the national focus on the opioid crisis centers on cracking down on overprescribing practices and addressing addicts, Sen. Lamar

Beijing to investigate FedEx for ‘damaging rights of Chinese clients’ amid Huawei dispute

DHL containers and a FedEx airliner at Hong Kong International Airport, in the Hong Kong Special

Camps harden vaccine rules amid US measles outbreak

As the United States battles its worst measles outbreak in 25 years, summer camps are tightening

U.S. pulls staff from Iraq amid concerns over Iran

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Washington ordered the departure of non-emergency American employees from its diplomatic missions in