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Apple is ‘looking into’ why some iPhone 8 batteries are swelling

Apple seems to have an iPhone 8 battery problem on its hands, and it’s not clear

Apple to launch new emoji next week, including dinosaurs, fairies and zombies

Apple is launching several new emoji soon, including one of a T. Rex. (Credit: Apple) Breastfeeding

Apple Watch, AirPod makers are anticipating a strong holiday season: Report

Some Apple suppliers are expecting a strong Q4 as demand for AirPods and the Apple Watch

Apple Watch 3 returned: There are better LTE and fitness-focused watches

It’s not me and it’s not really Apple, it’s the state of most smartwatches today. A

The latest Fitbit can't match up to the Apple Watch

Not now. I was happy to jump right back to my new Apple Watch Series 3,