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Microsoft says tech firm that Beijing allegedly uses to track Muslims lies about a 'partnership'

Microsoft denied that it has any connection with a controversial Chinese facial recognition app that rights

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China’s government voiced its support for Huawei’s legal challenge against the U.S. on Friday, saying the

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China’s government negotiators are famously tough.

US and China trade negotiators in Beijing reportedly deadlocked on forced technology transfers

The U.S. and China remain deadlocked on key issues blocking the path toward a trade agreement,

Chinese unemployment worries are growing as Beijing beefs up stimulus

Beijing is working hard to stop a slowing Chinese economy from hitting its workforce.

Huawei CEO: No matter my Communist Party ties, I'll definitely refuse if Beijing wants customer data

Huawei would never allow China’s government to access customer data, even if Beijing requested it, the

Moody's: China's slowing growth is pushing Beijing to launch new 'untested' policies

Beijing‘s efforts to prop up a slowing Chinese economy, in the middle of an ongoing trade

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The Trump administration and the Chinese government restart trade talks Monday as they scramble to strike

What Beijing and its state-controlled media are saying about the Trump-Xi deal

While both the U.S. and China called this weekend’s meeting on trade very successful, many Chinese-language

US presses China to halt militarization of South China Sea, drawing rebuke from Beijing

Standing side by side, top U.S. officials urged their Chinese counterparts on Friday to halt militarization