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Entire Crew Was Asleep Before Boat Fire Killed 34, N.T.S.B. Finds

All six crew members of the Conception were asleep when the boat caught fire and sank

Crew of California dive boat was sleeping when fire broke out, NTSB says

In this handout provided by Santa Barbara County Fire Department, the 75-foot Conception, based in Santa

California dive boat crew did not have required watchkeeper when fire broke out, report finds

All six crew members on a scuba diving boat were asleep when it caught fire off the

Authorities Search California Offices of Boat Operator After Fire That Killed 34

The authorities in Southern California said on Monday that they had searched the Santa Barbara offices

Rough seas suspend search for final victim of boat fire

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Vigil held for 34 killed in California dive boat fire

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Safety deficiencies suspected in deadly dive boat fire; Dorian weakens as ‘Sharpiegate’ rages

The Conception was “entirely engulfed with flames” when the U.S. Coast Guard arrived on scene Monday.

Safety deficiencies suspected in California boat fire after preliminary investigation: report

A preliminary investigation into a Southern California dive boat fire that killed 34 people off the coast of Santa Barbara

Crew member fulfilled dream before death in scuba boat fire

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Burning boat takes clues of fatal fire down to watery grave

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