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Whole grains can reduce risk of liver cancer by nearly 40 percent, study finds

A diet with plenty of whole grains can decrease risk of liver cancer by nearly 40

Kentucky woman arrested after allegedly faking cancer diagnosis, raising $10G in donations: report

Jessica Krecskay, 25, was arrested on Feb. 14 on a felony charge of theft by deception.

Grandma battling brain cancer gets surprise message from grandkids too young to visit

A grandmother batting brain cancer knows she has the love and support of her “magnificent seven”

Texas girl, 6, with terminal cancer gets wish to be police chief

Speed demons and law busters in one Texas town may have met their match in 6-year-old

How this mark on your nail may reveal skin cancer

When you think of skin cancer, you probably think of checking for moles. But did you

Former Olympic hockey player says radon caused stage 4 four lung cancer

It’s the second leading cause of lung cancer. And you don’t even know when it’s present:

Doctor spots her own cancer while looking in mirror

Six weeks into her new job at the University, Dr. Kobetz, not pictured here, noticed something

Woman's blurry vision was actually skin cancer in her eye

The diagnosis of ocular melanoma, a rare and deadly cancer making up only 5 percent of all

North Carolina boy battling cancer reunited with dog after man makes 2,300-mile cross-country trip

An 8-year-old North Carolina boy, who is receiving cancer treatment in Utah, was reunited with his

Women beware: Uterine cancer rates are rising

Uterine cancer claimed over 10,700 lives in 2016, with over 50,000 new cases  confirmed the previous