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J&J, Colgate ordered to pay nearly $10 million in California talc cancer case

Bottles of Johnson & Johnson baby powder line a drugstore shelf in New York. Lucas Jackson

Marcia Cross says anal cancer likely linked to husband’s throat cancer

Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross said her 12-year-old daughters will kick off their summer vacation this year

We’re not far from using blood tests to detect early cancer: CEO of Silicon Valley oncology firm

Scientists aren’t far away from creating blood tests that can be used to detect the earliest

Dad loses eye, part of nose after common symptom leads to cancer diagnosis

Cancer causes dad to lose eye, but not sense of humor A dad suffering from a

Alabama woman claims water tainted by PFAS from 3M factory caused cancer, health issues

Manufacturing giant 3M has been swept up in the PFAS chemical catastrophe touching drinking water systems

Study reveals more about link between cancer and poor diet

More than 80,000 cancer cases in the US were linked to poor diet, or around 5

How a woman’s pet dog helped detect her cancer 3 different times

It’s no secret that some dogs can detect illness in humans. However, researchers are still figuring

Dallas teen beats stage 4 cancer to graduate high school

Joshua Suarez beat stage four testicular cancer, and now is ready to graduate high school in Texas.

New study suggests that certain diets lower risk of death from breast cancer

Low-fat, plant-based diets may reduce the risk for women of dying from breast cancer, a new

Bayer to pay $2 billion after losing suit that claims weedkiller Roundup causes cancer

Bottles of Roundup weed killer move along the production line at the herbicide manufacturing facility operated