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Ex-nurse caused infants' broken bones, bruises, authorities say

Christopher Kaphaem, 43, a former nurse, is accused of injuring several newborns at a Wisconsin hospital

Firefighter's death caused by retardant drop from 747

FILE – In this July 30, 2010, file photo, a Boeing Evergreen B-747 Supertanker drops fire

Pennsylvania woman says contact lens caused rare infection that led to 'stabbing' pain, possible blindness

A Pennsylvania woman is blaming contaminated contact lenses for spreading a rare infection that’s threatening her

Boy's squeaky cough caused by whistle stuck in his throat

Doctors proceeded to perform a bronchoscopy, inserting a thin tube down his throat and into the

‘Unbearable’ smelling passenger that caused plane’s emergency landing dies from tissue necrosis

A Transavia flight was forced to make an emergency landing allegedly due to a passenger’s overwhelming

Mom left brain damaged from stroke caused by infection she allegedly caught after giving birth

Haywood claims she was discharged from the hospital despite exhibiting symptoms of an infection, which led