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Former Olympic hockey player says radon caused stage 4 four lung cancer

It’s the second leading cause of lung cancer. And you don’t even know when it’s present:

Smoking in bed may have caused fire that killed elderly couple, officials say

Cigarette smoking may be linked to a deadly fire in New York City, officials said. Cigarette

New York boy dies after smell of cooking fish caused possible allergic reaction: report

The smell of cooking fish could have caused the boy to reportedly have an allergic reaction.

Ex-nurse caused infants' broken bones, bruises, authorities say

Christopher Kaphaem, 43, a former nurse, is accused of injuring several newborns at a Wisconsin hospital

Firefighter's death caused by retardant drop from 747

FILE – In this July 30, 2010, file photo, a Boeing Evergreen B-747 Supertanker drops fire

Pennsylvania woman says contact lens caused rare infection that led to 'stabbing' pain, possible blindness

A Pennsylvania woman is blaming contaminated contact lenses for spreading a rare infection that’s threatening her

Boy's squeaky cough caused by whistle stuck in his throat

Doctors proceeded to perform a bronchoscopy, inserting a thin tube down his throat and into the