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Senate plan lets mutual funds skip a tax change that hurts individual investors

Following a backlash, the Senate Finance Committee has decided a proposal to prevent investors from minimizing

Change of plea for Ohio man suspected of Bosnian war crimes

CLEVELAND –  A judge has set a change of plea hearing for an Ohio man accused

Toddler's grilled cheese death prompts change in NYC emergency protocol

Elijah Silvera died on Nov. 3 after he reportedly went into anaphylactic shock from eating a

How a health app could change a half-paralyzed 2-year-old's life

So, in September, IBM hosted a hackathon at one of its U.K. offices where teams of

A skyrocketing tech firm set out to change the world. Its failure has changed China

Jia Yueting, the 44-year-old founder of Chinese tech company LeEco, once envisioned building a Chinese empire

Celebrity face change mysteries…

The “Jersey Shore” star recently lost weight (right) and says that’s the cause of her changing

Viral story of Lulu the CIA dog could inspire anyone wanting to change careers

If you’ve ever been stuck in a job because it didn’t feel like a good fit,

In North Carolina, Republicans Stung by Court Rulings Aim to Change the Judges

RALEIGH, N.C. — Republicans with a firm grip on the North Carolina legislature — and, until