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The Alabama Abortion Bill: Here’s What Comes Next

Alabama lawmakers gave final approval on Tuesday to a measure that would ban most abortions in

Kentucky teen at center of vaccination lawsuit comes down with chickenpox, report says

The Kentucky high school senior at the center of a vaccination lawsuit has allegedly come down with

Report says Coke’s academic research funding comes with a hitch. It can kill studies it doesn’t like

Pallets of Coke-Cola cans wait to the filled at a Coco-Cola bottling plant on February 10,

Baby born without anus comes home after months in hospital

Jackson was born with a serious medical condition. He was transferred from John’s Hopkin to another

75 percent of Americans are winging it when it comes to their financial future

When it comes to managing their money, most people are content on their own. That could

Wednesday's $381 million Powerball jackpot comes with a big tax bite

With the odds stacked against players hitting the Powerball jackpot, the only guaranteed eventual winner is

Winner of $1.5 Billion Lottery Comes Forward (Well, Their Lawyer, Anyway)

Supported by Winner of $ 1.5 Billion Lottery Comes Forward (Well, Their Lawyer, Anyway) ImageThe KC

Short-term budget deal comes just in time for biotech firms

The short-term deal to reopen the federal government could provide a crucial window for biotech firms

Defiant Roger Stone posts picture of Mueller’s 'nothingburger' as Trump comes to his defense

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone posted a mock image of FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller holding

Alienware’s Latest Laptop Comes With Upgradeable CPU, GPU

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