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Hawaii confirms rat lungworm disease in Big Island infant

What is rat lungworm? A parasitic worm that can infect your brain with meningitis is spreading

Europe's top court confirms that UK can stop Brexit

The European Court of Justice said Monday that the U.K. can cancel Brexit without asking for

Amazon confirms project to mine patient records and more accurately diagnose diseases

Amazon confirmed on Tuesday that it’s launched a project to mine data from electronic medical records,

CDC confirms 116 cases of polio-like illness this year

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention so far this year has confirmed 116 cases of

Nvidia Confirms Some RTX 2080 Ti GPUs Are Defective, Promises Remedy

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Intel Confirms It Intends to Support VESA Adaptive Sync in Future GPUs

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Red Lobster employee in Arkansas tests positive for hepatitis A, health department confirms

Arkansas health officials have set up two vaccination clinics for the public after a Red Lobster

Starbucks CEO confirms Alibaba partnership, plans to expand delivery to 2,000 stores in China

Starbucks has officially struck a partnership with Alibaba Group with a multi-pronged plan to boost the

Apple Confirms 2018 MacBook Pro CPU Throttling, Issues Fix

A software problem is preventing the processors in several models of new Apple MacBook Pros from

Micron confirms China blocking some chip sales, but says injunction will have minor impact on revenue

Micron confirmed on Thursday a court in China has granted a preliminary junction that bans its