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The new miners: Wave of cryptocurrency mining at colleges, businesses raise hacking concerns

It was the first day of freshmen year at Penn State’s State College campus, and along

How the world is regulating the $220 billion cryptocurrency market

The U.S. approach to regulating the crypto-industry has been to work within its current laws rather

Great, Now Games Are Hijacking Systems With Cryptocurrency Miners

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How cryptocurrency start-ups have raised over $12 billion this year via a much-hyped funding route

With any new technology, particularly where large amounts of money is involved, there will be scrutiny

Cryptocurrency start-up suffers 'security breach,' theft of $13.5 million worth of digital tokens

Cryptocurrency conversion platform Bancor has suffered a “security breach” that saw $ 13.5 million worth of

Facebook will permit some cryptocurrency ads to return

A man walks past an electric board showing exchange rates of various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (top

Facebook is reversing its ban on cryptocurrency ads

A major cryptocurrency exchange says it was hacked and $30 million in coins was stolen

South Korea-based cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb said Wednesday it was temporarily suspending deposit and withdrawal services after

Dennis Rodman's trip to the North Korea summit may be funded by an obscure cryptocurrency used to buy marijuana

If former basketball star and de facto diplomat Dennis Rodman travels to Singapore next week for

SEC director 'underwhelmed' by rate of cryptocurrency exchanges self-reporting

The Securities and Exchange Commission has made it clear that ICOs are securities by its standards