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A dramatic twilight SpaceX launch freaked out people in LA

About eight minutes after launch, the booster stage of the rocket returned to land upright at

Rookie New Jersey cop saves man from oncoming commuter train, dramatic video shows

A rookie police officer marking his seventh month on the force had a memorable anniversary after

Driver tries to run down cops, jumps sidewalk in dramatic video

Shocking video shows a crazed driver nearly strike several NYPD cops as he spins in circles

Eagle snatches fox holding rabbit in mouth in dramatic images

A bald eagle and a red fox tussle in mid-air over a European rabbit in San

Caterpillar, Amazon were among the many big stocks reversing suddenly lower in dramatic fashion on Tuesday

Something strange happened in the stock market Tuesday as big stocks reversed sharply lower after opening

DRAMATIC VIDEO: Girls jump off burning balcony as New Jersey building goes up in flames

Several girls jumped from the second floor of a burning building on Monday – in daring

11 of the Most Dramatic Moments in a Day of Confrontation Over Guns

Advertisement It was a day of tense exchanges, emotion-packed speeches and confrontation as lawmakers, students and

Chicago train passenger sets fire during arrest in dramatic video

A dramatic video of the moment a passenger on a Chicago subway train set the car

Dramatic video shows Georgia firefighter catching child dropped from burning building

Image shows Cpt. Scott Stroup rescuing a child thrown from a burning building on Jan. 3.

Dramatic video captures car crashing into 2nd floor dental office

Dramatic video shows the moment a Nissan sedan soared into the air and crashed into the