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Companies are ramping up their employee screening strategies. Here is what you can expect

In April, Uber announced it will be tightening background checks for its drivers. This comes after

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The activist group Prescription Addiction Intervention Now, or PAIN, is organizing protests across the country at

The top 6 cities in the US where you can expect a bidding war to erupt on a house for sale: Redfin

Concerns are rising about the potential for a nationwide housing market crash, especially on the West

El-Erian: The probability of a Fed rate hike in September is well below what traders expect

Economist Mohamed El-Erian told CNBC on Friday the probability of a September rate hike by the

Expect a ‘choppy’ July before an end-of-year blowout, Blackstone's Zidle says

The Dow just ended the quarter with its weakest gains since 2006, as uncertainty over trade

Singapore Airlines is bringing back the world's longest flight. Here's what to expect

If you’re into saving time, a 19-hour flight is returning to the skies in October. Singapore

Apple may give investors less cash than they expect and that could hit the stock, Barclays says

Apple may have to allocate more cash than expected to acquisitions, which risks returning less to

Why investors expect Egypt to keep roaring as the dust settles on its presidential election

Egypt’s presidential election has been faulted for having placed a rubber stamp on a new term

Facebook users should expect to pay for privacy, Sandberg says

Facebook’s second in command Sheryl Sandberg said Friday that users wanting to opt out of having

Apple iPad event preview: What to expect

File photo: Tim Cook, CEO, holds an iPad Pro after his keynote address to Apple’s annual