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Fortnite Flaw Could Have Exposed Players to Account Takeovers

A major security flaw in the hit game Fortnite could’ve allowed a hacker to take over

Maryland firefighters suspended after incident at house fire, rivalry between departments exposed

Maryland firefighters were suspended after an incident at a house fire. (iStock) A fight about water

Nebraska medical facility says it's monitoring American possibly exposed to Ebola

An American who may have been exposed to Ebola while in the Democratic Republic of Congo

More than 3,000 patients possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis

Health officials say more than 3,000 patients may have been exposed to HIV hepatitis B and

Guards, nurses and inmate exposed to 'unknown substance' at Ohio correctional institution: report

Local media reported that guards and inmates were exposed to an “unknown substance” at the Ross

Paris installs completely exposed urinals near popular tourist spots

Tourists visiting Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral and River Seine might see more than they came for