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Pinterest cracks down on anti-vaxxers, pressuring Facebook to follow

Social network Pinterest has taken a big step to stop the spread of false content that

Tech bankers are making their money in the enterprise while Facebook and Google stay quiet

While big internet companies like Facebook and Google have been fairly quiet of late on the

Amazon is not guaranteeing you any privacy, Facebook co-founder says

Sean Parker, founding president of Facebook, worries more about Amazon violating your privacy than Facebook.

Facebook shares could be on the road to new highs, trader says

Facebook shares are rising, and that has one trader hitting the buy button on the stock.

Google and Facebook should be regulated for news content, UK government report says

Online platforms including Google, Facebook and Apple should be regulated in how they distribute news content,

Plunge in crypto sets stage for Facebook and other tech giants to hire blockchain experts

The drop in cryptocurrency prices is meaning job losses for some, but it may carve out

Facebook expanding fact-checking in India before election

Facebook Inc said on Monday it is expanding its fact-checking network in India ahead of the

How to start using TikTok, the social media app that's making Snap and Facebook nervous

TikTok is a social app that lets users watch and create short videos that are usually

Facebook will now let anyone remove messages after people discovered Zuckerberg could

Facebook Messenger now gives anyone the option to delete a regretful or mistaken message from their

Facebook, Google and Twitter are getting faster at removing hate speech online

Social media companies are getting faster at responding to hate speech online.