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France not looking to ‘over-protectionism’ for tech giants like Huawei, President Macron says

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NY Giants trade Odell Beckham to the Cleveland Browns, Jets get Le'Veon Bell

While the free agency spending frenzy runs wild, the Giants and Browns found a way to

France's tax on tech giants like Google and Amazon could bring in $570 million per year

A three percent tax on the French revenue of large internet companies could yield 500 million

German auto giants BMW and Daimler team up to develop self-driving technologies

Daimler and the BMW Group are to work together on automated driving technologies. In an announcement

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The Oscars is the biggest event of the year for Hollywood – and the battles brewing

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The drop in cryptocurrency prices is meaning job losses for some, but it may carve out

PayPal, Mastercard execs see a 'huge opportunity' for tech giants to partner with major banks

Technology firms entering the financial services space shouldn’t be afraid of partnering with the biggest players