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Nvidia CEO is 'more than happy to help' if Tesla A.I. chip doesn't pan out

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SEAL who shot bin Laden: Don't wish me a happy Memorial Day

Don’t wish me a happy Memorial Day. There is nothing happy about the loss of the

In Netflix's Happy!, an Alcoholic Ex-Cop Must Rescue His Kidnapped Daughter From Santa Claus. And Then It Gets Weird.

With a huge line-up of originals it’s getting easy for projects to get lost on Netflix,

Trump pushes back tariff exemptions but Europe is still not happy

The European Union remains unsatisfied after the White House’s move to extend a decision on metal

Nobody is happy with former FBI Director James Comey

Each week, USA TODAY’s OnPolitics blog takes a look at how media from the left and

A former Google and Apple exec now teaches Stanford students to design products to make people happy

Ellen Leanse is serious about getting people to reconsider their use of technology.

McDonald's happy meals will soon be less cheesy

Feb. 15 (UPI) — Parents may soon have to make a special request for a child’s

Owners of McDonald's aren't happy with headquarters as promotions pick up and remodeling costs rise

McDonald’s is gearing up for a strong 2018, impressing investors and customers, but its franchisees aren’t

Nvidia made a change to how it lets developers use its chips, and some folks aren't happy

Nvidia is cracking down on unwanted use of some of its graphics cards.