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Conjoined twins born sharing same heart in India: ‘Separation is almost impossible’

A set of day-old conjoined twins in India who share a single heart are under careful

F.D.A. Links 16 Brands of Dog Food to Canine Heart Disease

The Food and Drug Administration identified 16 brands of dog food that had been linked to

FDA investigates possible link between certain pet foods and heart disease in dogs

Bigandt Photography | Getty Images The Food and Drug Administration has found a link between certain

Dad’s tattoo matches son’s life-saving heart surgery scar

A father’s love landed him in the tattoo parlor, where he requested a 3.5-inch scar to be

Pharmacy warns FDA of cancer-causing chemical found in widely used heart pill

Getty Images A pharmacy warned the Food and Drug Administration that it found a chemical believed

UNC Children’s Hospital Suspends Most Complex Heart Surgeries

North Carolina Children’s Hospital announced it would suspend heart surgeries for the most complex cases, some

Miracle of a UK baby who defied odds of survival with rare heart defect

U.K. baby with rare heart defect defies odds of survival Medical Mysteries and Marvels: At just

Surgical tool, oxygen sparked flash fire in patient’s chest during open heart surgery, doctors say

Doctors performing emergency heart surgery in Australia were not expecting this type of complication – a

FDA agrees to fast-track review of Amarin’s prescription strength fish oil pill for heart patients

Vascepa Source: Amarin Amarin shares surged 15% in early afternoon trading Wednesday after the biopharmaceutical company

Too much coffee may increase risk of heart disease, new study finds

A cup of joe per day might keep the doctor away, but half a dozen or