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‘Violent psychopath’ captured in California after escaping from Hawaii hospital

A “violent psychopath” was captured Wednesday, days after he sneaked out of a Hawaii psychiatric hospital,

Nurses help sneak dying man's dog into hospital for final goodbye

An ailing grandfather died on Wednesday after battling cancer for several years, but not before his

Texas shooting suspect escaped from mental health hospital in 2012: Police report

Texas church shooting suspect and Air Force veteran Devin Kelley escaped from a New Mexico mental

NICU babies at Kansas City hospital celebrate Halloween in adorable outfits

Babies in the NICU at a Kansas City hospital donned tiny, adorable costumes to celebrate Halloween.

Georgia boy, 2, blocked from getting father's kidney, is rushed to hospital

Anthony Dickerson Jr., who was set to receive his father’s kidney, was rushed to a hospital

Identity theft victim stunned by $52G hospital bill: report

The man in this photo used another man’s ID to pay for an expensive medical procedure,

New mom who lost all her limbs after giving birth sues hospital

For this new mom, what were supposed to be the happiest days of her life quickly

Family blames hospital after mom loses limbs to flesh-eating bacteria following childbirth

Lindsey Hubley is pictured with her newborn son and fiance. Days after this photo she was

Hospital sued over stillborn baby found in dirty laundry

The complaint alleges that the hospital neglected to inform the family that Jose’s body had been