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Hawaii confirms rat lungworm disease in Big Island infant

What is rat lungworm? A parasitic worm that can infect your brain with meningitis is spreading

Babysitter returned dead infant to mom, disguised as if he were sleeping: Authorities

A Wisconsin babysitter is facing a first-degree murder charge after authorities said that a 2-month-old infant

Missouri infant saved after father attempts to drown her in pond because of ‘bad thoughts,’ cops say

Jonathon Zicarelli, 28, was charged after he attempted to drown his 6-month-old daughter in a pond,

Georgia man allegedly puts infant daughter on top of gun during traffic stop: report

Police said Detavis Madison was driving with his infant daughter in his lap.  (Snellville Police) Authorities

Oklahoma infant suffers second-degree burns after pulling slow cooker off counter, mom says

Infant suffers second-degree burns after pulling slow cooker off a counter A mom from Oklahoma put

Mother, infant, among several killed by Hurricane Florence

A fallen tree is shown after it crashed through the home where a woman and her