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Trump suggests recordings made by Michael Cohen may be illegal, but insists he did nothing wrong

President Donald Trump is asserting that his former personal lawyer’s taping of their private phone conversations

Judge insists timeline be met to reunite children at border

A judge insisted on Friday the Trump administration stick to a deadline to reunite children separated

White House denies separating families is 'policy,' but insists it is needed 'to protect children'

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday attended a contentious White House press briefing, where she

Trump insists: 'I'm not a racist'

President Donald Trump said on Sunday that he is “not a racist” despite reports of his

Trump insists there was 'no collusion' with Russia as Flynn's plea fails to reveal smoking gun

More smoke but no smoking gun. Michael Flynn’s guilty plea Friday revealed a new layer of

Killer clown suspect's husband insists she's 'falsely accused' of murder

The husband of Sheila Keen Warren, who’s accused of dressing up as a clown and killing