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How an island in the Baltic Sea is trying to make renewables a reliable part of its energy mix

Around the world, a host of governments and businesses are looking to reduce their environmental impact

Woman fights off black bear who gets up close and personal in Rhode Island, officials say

Don’t pick up hitchhikers. Even furry ones. A woman in Rhode Island found herself in the frightening

‘Blocked Off From Civilization’: Floodwaters Turn Oklahoma Town Into an Island

BRAGGS, Okla. — Flooding has turned a rural town in eastern Oklahoma into an island —

Three Mile Island nuclear plant to proceed with closure

Let’s block ads! (Why?) ABC News: US

Long Island track worker logs more than $255G in overtime hours: report

A Long Island Rail Road track worker brought home more than $ 255,000 last year by

Hawaii confirms third case of rat lungworm disease in Big Island resident

What is rat lungworm? A parasitic worm that can infect your brain with meningitis is spreading

Police: Nobody injured in small plane crash on Long Island

Police on Long Island said a small plane carrying three people went down in a residential

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake hits near southwest Alaska island

AIAKTALIK, Alaska – The U.S. Geological Survey says a magnitude 4.7 earthquake hit an area near

Trump Lashes Out Again at Puerto Rico, Bewildering the Island

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Tuesday lashed out at Puerto Rico’s local lawmakers as “grossly incompetent”

Cyprus Backstop? Ireland is not the only island with Brexit muddle

XYLOPHAGOU, Cyprus (Reuters) – While the European Union and Britain wrestle over the “Irish backstop” issue