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Lyft gets its first Wall Street buy recommendation and it's not even public yet

One Wall Street firm is recommending its clients buy Lyft weeks before that’s even possible.

Elon Musk-backed company launches a website to poke fun at DNA testing — and it's hilarious

DNA Friend is a new consumer genetics company that aims to rival 23andMe with its “fastest

White House's Mulvaney says it's 'absurd' to link mosque shooter to Trump

A top White House official said Sunday that President Donald Trump “is not a white supremacist”

Cathay Pacific says it's 'very happy' with its Boeing fleet, despite recent 737 Max crash

U.S. plane manufacturer Boeing has been mired in controversy since its 737 Max 8 operated by

Tencent shares took a beating in 2018, but it's a different story this year

Tencent had a tough 2018.

If oil breaks this level, it's a straight shot back to the December lows, says Kilduff

Oil prices could fall to the low $ 40s if they can’t hold above the critical

Samsung has an amazing new Galaxy phone, but it's facing the same problems as the iPhone

Sure, if you have $ 1,000, the Galaxy S10+ is a good bet and you’ll love

Samsung is closer to measuring blood pressure with a smartwatch, but it's not quite the holy grail

Samsung announced a new line of wearables this week, including a new smartwatch called Galaxy Active.

It's looking like a US-China trade deal is near — and Beijing will get everything it wanted

China’s government negotiators are famously tough.

Deadly 'zombie' deer disease threat prompts Louisiana lawmaker to act: It's 'critical' to find a cure

Republican Rep. Ralph Abraham isn’t going to wait for the deadly, so-called “zombie” deer disease to