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$15 minimum wage in NYC and other ambitious local laws lead a push for new national standards

As issues of economic inequality, gender discrimination and climate change gained traction with voters in 2018,

North Carolina's animal laws under scrutiny after fatal lion mauling

The investigation into how a lion at a North Carolina wildlife center managed to get loose

How to make the most of your charitable donations, despite new tax laws

Donations generally pick up as the holidays approach; this year could be an exception.

Despite new tax laws, wealthy may give more to charities this year: Survey

Despite widespread fears that the new tax changes will hurt charitable giving, millionaires plan to give

US, China and Europe have different data laws — that could be a big headache for companies in 2019

Governments in the U.S., Europe and China handle and regulate data very differently — that’s a

Washington police chief says he won't enforce stricter gun laws that 'infringe' on citizens' rights

Republic Police Chief Loren Culp says he wont enforce stricter gun laws passed statewide because they “infringe”

A Look at California Gun Laws, Among the Toughest in the Nation

A Look at California Gun Laws, Among the Toughest in the Nation ImageCalifornia, which already had

Apple's Tim Cook warns Silicon Valley it would be 'destructive' to block strong privacy laws

Apple is calling for the introduction of a “comprehensive federal privacy law” in the United States.

Mom, stepdad of 7-year-old slain in murder-suicide hope her death can change laws

To most of her family and friends, Kayden Mancuso was a typical 7-year-old. She was a

'Stand Your Ground' laws under scrutiny again after man gunned down in parking lot

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law is coming under intense scrutiny again after a sheriff declined to