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Health exec on leave after denying, then apologizing for, 'disgusting' cop-bashing social media post

Michellene Davis, a health executive in New Jersey, was placed on leave for an alleged racially

Shadow banking crisis may push India's central bank to leave the rupee stranded

With the rupee hovering close to its all-time weakest level against the U.S. dollar, India’s central

Crypto industry leaders warn Congress: Figure out regulation, or watch innovation leave the US

The cryptocurrency industry has a plea for Congress: Hurry up and regulate, please.

Melinda Gates calls on Corporate America to provide paid parental leave for new dads and moms

The workplace is not designed for families, and that needs to change, philanthropist Melinda Gates told

Some families take a dim view of the high repayment cost of Rubio's proposed family leave plan

Staying home with a new baby is a luxury – but only in the U.S.

Texas biology teacher on leave for allegedly bullying pro-Trump student

A biology teacher at McNeil High School is on administrative leave after allegedly mocking a student

Les Moonves made more than $650 million as CEO of CBS, and now he could leave with no severance

Prominent health investor Lisa Suennen to leave GE Ventures

Lisa Suennen, senior managing director at GE Ventures and one of the firm’s most high-profile partners,

Wake Forest basketball coach placed on leave after punching man who later died

A Wake Forest University assistant basketball coach has been placed on leave following an incident in

College employee placed on leave after alleged racial profiling of student

The Smith College employee who called police on a black student who she believed looked “out