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Man's excessive sweating episodes linked to undetected seizures

The unidentified 60-year-old man had recorded minutes-long periods of heavy sweating each month and was diagnosed

Soldier saves man's life with ballpoint pen, Saints hoodie

Sgt. Troney was on his way home to Mississippi when he witnessed a car accident that

'Dead malls': Inside one man's mission to document the beauty of abandoned America

For Dan Bell, it all started with his childhood mall in Maryland. After the teens had

Hacker lifts $1 million in cryptocurrency using San Francisco man's phone number, prosecutors say

Losing cellphone service is inconvenient. But in some cases, it also might mean you’re getting hacked.

Man's runny nose was actually leaking brain fluid

He had been dealing with a runny nose for about five years, but reportedly thought it

Surgeons in India reattach man's foot after sawing accident severs bones, nerves, tendons

Surgeons in India have reattached a man’s foot after a sawing accident left it hanging on

Stomach-churning video shows live parasitic worm being removed from a man's eye

Must see: 15cm-long worm being removed from a man’s eye A 60-year-old patient from India went

West Nile virus cause of New Jersey man's death, health officials say

A New Jersey man infected with West Nile virus died last weekend, health officials said.  (iStock)

GoFundMe couple allegedly spent homeless man's money on shoe collection, pricey vacations: report

Johnny Bobbitt, the homeless military veteran who had $ 400,000 raised for him by well-wishers, will

Man's 10th conviction for public indecency results in prison sentence

Michael Dorgan on Tuesday was convicted for 10th time on public indecency charges.  (Multnomah County Sheriff’s