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Maryland school system announces fund to pay for student meals amid partial government shutdown

A school system in Maryland announced Thursday the creation of a fund that seeks to provide

Maryland firefighters suspended after incident at house fire, rivalry between departments exposed

Maryland firefighters were suspended after an incident at a house fire. (iStock) A fight about water

New effort in Maryland to combat upsurge in fentanyl deaths

BALTIMORE – A new effort in Maryland to prosecute more fentanyl cases in federal court is

Maryland girl ordered to steal package from porch, investigators say

Detectives said “there are no words” to describe the latest porch pirate who was caught on

Maryland woman killed after giving money to woman she thought was struggling mom: report

Jacquelyn Smith, 52, was fatally stabbed early Sunday after giving money to a woman who appeared

More adenovirus cases revealed by University of Maryland following freshman's death

Three more students at the University of Maryland have become sickened by the Adenovirus — less than

College students fear mold in dorms led to Adenovirus death of University of Maryland freshman

University of Maryland students are growing increasingly concerned mold problems in their dorms may be linked

University of Maryland student dies from Adenovirus, 5 others sick, school says

A student at the University of Maryland has died after suffering from a strain of the

Maryland officer accused of raping woman during traffic stop

Ryan Macklin, a Prince George’s County police officer, is accused of sexually assaulting a woman during

Maryland councilman apologizes for posts about Muslims

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – A Maryland councilman has apologized to the president of a local Muslim council