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Florence forecast to become 'major hurricane,' moving towards southeastern US

Hurricane Florence regained its strength Sunday as weather officials predicted it will turn into a "major"

Boulder breaks free from moving vehicle killing 2 Minnesota women; driver arrested, police say

The driver of a vehicle was arrested Wednesday after a boulder it was carrying broke free

Here are a few fitness apps to get you moving

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America's wealthy are moving to cash as market enthusiasm hits a wall

In 2017 nearly every stock market around the world was up, and the term “synchronized global

At US Open, Mickelson penalized for swatting moving ball with putter

Phil Mickelson lines up a shot on the fourth green during the third round of the

The 25 best places people are moving to in 2018

These places have the highest net migration over five years. In calculating the Best Places to

Baby hit by softball opening eyes, moving legs

McKenna Hovenga’s great-aunt said the infant did well during a breathing test on Monday, and has

Spring snow moving from Plains to Northeast — with cold to follow

The first storm of the holiday weekend moved through the upper Midwest on Saturday bringing as

Qualcomm is moving to decide how to price NXP deal to lure in enough shareholders

How Luxembourg is moving to put itself 'at the heart' of Europe's space exploration industry

One of Europe’s smallest countries now holds claim to being a giant in the space industry.