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National Spelling Bee, at a Loss for Words, Crowns 8 Co-Champions

A superhuman group of adolescents broke the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday, with eight contestants

World War II veteran ‘Harmonica Pete’ plays national anthem on ‘Fox & Friends’ after going viral

A beloved World War II veteran who goes by the nickname ‘Harmonica Pete’ described his service and

96-year-old WWII vet wows NJ stadium by playing national anthem on harmonica

A New Jersey stadium went wild on Sunday when a 96-year-old played a touching rendition of

Texas 8th-grader wins National Geographic contest

Nihar Janga, 14, of Austin, Texas, reacts with a prayer after winning the National Geographic GeoBee,

Trump declares some auto imports pose national security threat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Friday declared that some imported vehicles and parts pose

Former US drug czar says national focus on opioid epidemic is overlooking real culprit

William Bennett, the nation’s first drug czar, said Monday that the debate about the opioid overdose

Florida senators say Venezuela is national security issue

MIAMI – Florida’s U.S. senators are increasing pressure on the Trump administration to act on the

National Comedy Center to digitize Lucille Ball archives

FILE – This Feb. 11, 1979 file photo shows actress-comedian Lucille Ball at a restaurant in

USC medical program loses national accreditation

The University of Southern California is losing national accreditation for a medical training program dogged by

London’s giant breast balloons spark national conversation about breastfeeding