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Admiral chosen to lead the Navy will instead retire as concerns are raised about his judgment

The four-star admiral set to become the Navy’s top officer on Aug. 1 will instead retire,

Navy Pier ‘chaos’ after Chicago fireworks show leaves 3 stabbed, 14 trampled: reports

At least three people were stabbed and more than a dozen injured in a subsequent stampede

War crimes court-martial ends with Navy SEAL walking free

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Jury sentences Navy SEAL for posing with Iraq war casualty

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Edward Gallagher, Navy SEAL Chief Accused of War Crimes, Is Found Not Guilty of Murder

SAN DIEGO — In a war-crimes trial that roiled the elite Navy SEALs and drew the

Closing arguments due in Navy SEAL court-martial

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Navy SEAL trial exposes divide in normally secretive force

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Defense to present testimony in Navy SEAL murder case

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Prosecution expert witness admits no evidence of stab wound in Navy SEAL war crimes trial

SAN DIEGO- An expert witness called by the prosecution in the court-martial trial of Navy SEAL Eddie

Navy SEAL War Crimes Witness Says He Was the Killer

SAN DIEGO — In stunning testimony that may upend the war crimes trial of Chief Edward