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US health officials flag increasing popularity of flavored e-cigarettes as concern in new CDC study

U.S. health officials are flagging the increasing popularity of flavored e-cigarettes as an emerging public threat.

Juul built an e-cigarette empire. Its popularity with teens threatens its future

A phone beeps. Someone’s vaping in the bathroom again.

Baby name 'Melania' surged in popularity in 2017 — 'Donald' was unchanged

First lady Melania Trump‘s approval ratings have far outpaced her husband’s — and it looks like

One of the world's most controversial strongmen is losing his popularity at home

Sixteen months into Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency, citizens are gradually turning against the controversial leader

Trump's popularity is slipping in rural America: poll

(Reuters) – Outside the Morgan County fair in McConnelsville, in a rural swath of Ohio that