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Ranchers said to lobby states to outlaw use of the label 'meat' on plant, lab-grown products

HSBC and Goldman Sachs back a start-up that lets banks bring rivals' products onto their apps

British fintech start-up Bud said Monday that it had secured $ 20 million in a funding

Whole Foods recalls baby spinach-containing food products over potential salmonella contamination

A salmonella infection can cause vomiting and stomach cramping, among other symptoms. (iStock) Grocery store giant

'Informal boycott' of American products in China may have hand in iPhone slump, Wall Street says

Chinese consumers may be staging an informal boycott of some American products and that could be

Kroger recalls shrimp products over possible foodborne illness risk

Those who eat raw or under-cooked seafood could develop a foodborne illness. (iStock) Supermarket chain Kroger

Jennie-O recalls more than 164,000 pounds of ground turkey products over salmonella concerns

The packaging of one of the recalled Jennie-O ground turkey products. (FSIS) Consumers should check their

Microsoft executive boasts that even Google employees are adopting one of its products

Software that originated at Microsoft is seeing major adoption at Google, a top Microsoft executive said

Instagram will start telling brands which products users bookmark

One year after forming a team to develop shopping specific features, Facebook’s Instagram is now beginning

Chemicals found in makeup, soap, other personal care products may speed up puberty in girls, study says

According to a recent study, certain chemicals found in personal care products may contribute to girls

Jennie-O turkey products recalled amid salmonella outbreak

A recent salmonella outbreak involving turkey products has killed at least one person and sickened more