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Trump unravels more of Obama's legacy, with proposed freeze on mileage rules

The Trump administration introduced a rule to freeze fuel economy standards in the latest swipe at

India has proposed a new fix for its bad debt problem. It may not be enough

Proposed Illinois ban on youth tackle football dead for now

A proposal aimed at delaying the effects of helmet-banging head trauma by banning Illinois children younger

Japan's finance ministry had proposed a cover story for land sale scandal: Official

Japan’s Finance Ministry proposed crafting a cover story with a school operator at the heart of

EU lists American exports it could target in response Trump's proposed tariffs

March 16 (UPI) — The European Union has released a long hit list of American exports

DOJ gives special counsel internal docs on proposed Sessions resignation, source says

In the weeks before special counsel Robert Mueller’s team interviewed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Justice

Exclusive: While advising Trump in 2016, ex-CIA chief proposed plan to discredit Turkish cleric

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former CIA director James Woolsey pitched a $ 10 million contract to two Turkish