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'Fake News' shirts pulled from Newseum gift shop after media complaints

“Make America Great Again” hats displayed at Trump Tower in New York City, Aug. 20, 2016.

Ving Rhames says officers pulled their guns on him in his own home

“Mission Impossible” actor Ving Rhames says California police officers pulled a gun on him in his

3 people die after being pulled from apartment swimming pool

Three people died after being pulled early Tuesday morning from a pool in a North Carolina

‘Baby Daddy’ Father’s Day Card Pulled From Stores After Criticism

‘Baby Daddy’ Father’s Day Card Pulled From Stores After Criticism ImageA Father’s Day card that Takeisha

'Active Shooter' video game pulled after huge backlash

A game developer said it would pull the planned ‘Active Shooter’ video game after backlash.  (Steam)

He Paid for His Mentos. Then an Officer Pulled a Gun on Him.

Jose Arreola, center, had just paid for a $ 1.19 roll of Mentos in a Southern

Native American Brothers Pulled From Campus Tour After Nervous Parent Calls Police

The campus police of Colorado State University stopped Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, left, and his brother Lloyd

March for Our Lives organizers pulled off 'revolution' in Washington: ANALYSIS

The organizers of the March for Our Lives rally managed a nearly impossible feat Saturday: they

Oregon woman has 14 worms pulled from eye after rare infection

This August 2016 photo provided by Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) shows inflammation (in the

Arizona man impersonated cop, pulled drivers over, police say

An Arizona man is facing charges of kidnapping and impersonating an officer after he was arrested