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Flu's risks can continue even after recovery, public health officials warn after historic flu season

We all know flu is bad. But after a historically severe season, public health researchers are

Baby-aspirin risks overwhelm benefits in healthy elderly

The findings may upend a common practice.  (iStock) In healthy elderly people who never had a

WHAT'S HAPPENING: Rivers pose epic Florence flood risks

A member of the U.S. Coast Guard walks down Mill Creek Road checking houses after tropical

Hong Kong is boosting its links to Chinese banks — but there are risks involved

Hong Kong’s burgeoning financial links with China hold enormous opportunities — but they carry risks for

Now-cautious bull names 4 risks keeping him up at night

One of the year’s biggest bulls is bracing for a near-term pullback.

Japan's economy grew more than expected in the second quarter, but trade risks loom

Japan’s economy grew more than expected in the second quarter, helped by improved household spending and

4 Risks consumers need to know about DNA testing kit results and buying life insurance

Life insurance is all about risk — the insurer assesses a policy based on likelihood of

Microsoft warns about risks related to A.I., web-connected devices

Microsoft pointed to new risk factors connected to markets it’s going after in its latest annual

Plastic containers pose health risks for children, pediatricians warn

Using plastic containers to store food, as well as microwaving food in plastic containers, can pose

US job growth was likely solid in June despite trade risks

WASHINGTON –  Employers in the United States are thought to have kept up their brisk pace