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Don't expect a 'grand bargain' from new US-China trade talks, expert says

The U.S. and China are meeting later this week in Washington to try to find some

US-China trade talks will focus on yuan weakness, experts say

The Chinese yuan’s weakness will be a focal point during the U.S.–China trade talks in late

European stocks lower as US-China trade row escalates; Adidas soars 9%

European stocks fell Thursday morning amid a deepening U.S.-China trade dispute and a flurry of corporate

Bank CEO says he's worried the US-China trade war will dent market psychology

Trade tensions between the U.S. and China have hit business and consumer confidence — and that’s

Maine lobstermen feeling the pinch of US-China trade battle

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Tariff battle takes a bite out of U.S. lobster profits; Molly

The US-China trade war could push car companies to produce more in China, expert says

The ongoing Washington and Beijing trade war, could push automobile companies to produce more in China,

The US-China trade war has begun – a shooting war could be next

A trade war broke out Friday between the U.S. and China, when the U.S. imposed tariffs

Asia set for a cautious open as US-China trade tensions simmer

Asia markets are set to open a touch lower on Monday as investors attempt to shake

A full-blown, US-China trade war would mean 'significant' blow to global growth

Global growth could pay the price if the U.S. and China keep fighting over trade, warned

Goldman CEO supports Trump's effort to 'even out' US-China trade

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said President Donald Trump’s increased pressure on China regarding trade is