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Don't spank: Pediatricians warn parents of long-term harms

Studies published in the past two decades have bolstered evidence that spanking can make young kids

UBS said to warn staff over China travel after banker held in Beijing

Swiss bank UBS Group AG has asked its China wealth management staff to reconsider their travel

Flu's risks can continue even after recovery, public health officials warn after historic flu season

We all know flu is bad. But after a historically severe season, public health researchers are

Crypto industry leaders warn Congress: Figure out regulation, or watch innovation leave the US

The cryptocurrency industry has a plea for Congress: Hurry up and regulate, please.

Florence's dangerous 'flooding is only going to get worse,' officials warn

Florence’s dangerous flooding “is only going to get worse,” North Carolina’s director of emergency management warned

Blood-sucking 'kissing bugs' spreading dangerous parasitic disease in US, health officials warn

This bug, commonly known as triatomines, spreads Chagas, a disease that originated in Latin America.  (REUTERS)

Hackers could use fax machines to take over entire networks, researchers warn

In an age of instant communication over the internet, the fax machine is seen as an

Plastic containers pose health risks for children, pediatricians warn

Using plastic containers to store food, as well as microwaving food in plastic containers, can pose

Parents whose newborn babies died from herpes warn about deadly virus

A mom is sharing her heartbreaking story about the loss of her newborn baby who died

Rescue of Thai boys from underground cave could take months, warn officials

A top Thai official said Tuesday that heavy rains forecast for the coming days could worsen