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Padlocks might not be the stars of the home security world, but they’ve quietly offered reliable security for decades, guarding tool sheds, bikes, middle school lockers and everything in between. In recent years, Padlocks have evolved to include technologies like Bluetooth and even fingerprint reading.

Tapplock One is a $ 99 padlock that unlocks via Bluetooth, fingerprint or Morse code (yes, really). With two methods of entry in addition to Bluetooth, I’d recommend Tapplock as a flexible way to secure and monitor valuables without a combination code or key. So if you thought you’d always have to remember to turn your lock three times to the right, once to the left and back to the right again, those days are over. Now you just need a fingerprint.


The Tapplock One is a $ 99 Bluetooth padlock that also includes Morse code entry and a fingerprint reader. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

Tapplock One is the debut model from Tapplock, and it’s available internationally, with the $ 99 price converting to roughly £71 and AU$ 129. The padlock comes in sterling silver, gunmetal gray and midnight black finishes. On the front there is a square fingerprint reader that the Tapplock team claims can unlock the padlock in under 0.8-second. In my testing with a stopwatch, I was able to clock a sub-1-second time on several attempts.

Tapplock app 

Setting up the Tapplock requires downloading the Tapplock app. There, you’ll create a login and pair the padlock to your phone via Bluetooth. Once you’ve paired them, you’ll be able to lock or unlock the Tapplock One and create fingerprint profiles and Morse code combinations in the app. The Tapplock stores up to 500 fingerprints, so you can grant access to a long list of friends and family before fingerprint entries run out. 

Of course, adding people and fingerprints to the system requires the person to be physically present, and only the master account can make those changes. That’s good, since it prevents a friend with shared access from adding another person without your permission.

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