'SNL' pays tribute to Bush 41 with montage of Dana Carvey's impressions

“Saturday Night Live” paid tribute to former President George H.W. Bush in the wake of his death with a compilation of former cast member Dana Carvey’s impressions of the late president.

The tribute came in the final moments of the show’s "Weekend Update" segment, as the montage showed Carvey poking fun at Bush during his presidency.

“President Bush was always a warm and gracious man who understood the power at laughing at yourself,” "Weekend Update" co-host Colin Jost said.

The clips featured Carvey portraying Bush, using exaggerated hand gestures and famous catchphrases such as "Not gonna do it," "Wouldn’t be prudent," and "Thousand points of light," a reference to Bush’s initiative to encourage volunteerism.

The tribute ended with the real Bush and Carvey’s Bush on a split screen.

“I’m watching you do your impression of me, and I gotta say. It’s nothing like me," Bush said. "There’s no resemblance. It’s bad. It’s bad."

In 1992, Bush invited Carvey to the White House Christmas party to perform.

"Dana has given me a lot of laughs," the president said during the occasion. "And the fact that we can laugh at each other is a very fundamental thing."

Carvey’s impressions eventually led to a longtime friendship between the pair.

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