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Trump administration postpones some Medicare drug-cost proposals

The Trump administration has decided to put part of its Medicare drug cost-cutting proposals on hold,

Trump administration wants to shame Big Pharma into lowering drug prices

The Trump administration wants to shame pharmaceutical companies into lowering prescription drug prices, Health and Human

The Trump administration is forcing this health start-up that took Chinese money into a fire sale

As the Trump administration cracks down on Chinese investment in corporate America, one health tech start-up

Trump's 'inconsistency' undermines faith in administration, says former defense chief William Cohen

Former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen says President Donald Trump is a “disruptive force” in politics,

California opposes efforts by Trump administration to delay protections from payday lenders

LOS ANGELES — California’s attorney general joined a coalition of two dozen other state attorneys general

Trump administration considers making hospitals publish prices they negotiate with insurers

The Trump administration is considering a rule that would require hospitals to publicize the prices they

California federal judge bars Trump administration from adding citizenship question to 2020 census

LOS ANGELES — A federal judge on Wednesday blocked the administration of President Donald Trump from

California Sues Trump Administration to Block Restrictions to Family Planning Program

Supported by California Sues Trump Administration to Block Restrictions to Family Planning Program Image“Jeopardizing the health

Trump administration vows not to cower like Obama before N. Korea; Spike Lee green over 'Green Book's' Oscar?

FILE – In this June 12, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump, left, and North Korea

Father of woman who joined ISIS sues Trump administration, seeking daughter's return to US

Hoda Muthana is an Alabama woman who left home to join the Islamic State group after