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Fed describes labor market as strong, weak inflation as ‘transitory’

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell speaks during a news conference after the attending the Board’s

The Fed could cut rates four times over the next 12 months because of low inflation

James Bianco is out with a bullish call that could send stocks flying. The market researcher

Fed lowers its inflation expectations for 2019, keeps growth outlook the same

The U.S. Federal Reserve Building stands in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, June 24, 2009. Brendan

Shares snap seven-day hot streak; U.S. inflation feeds Fed bets

LONDON (Reuters) – World share markets snapped a seven-day winning streak on Wednesday as the White

Inflation trend suggests Treasury yields will surprise the Street and won’t bottom for months

Economic forecaster Lakshman Achuthan sees a bearish trend unfolding that should keep Treasury yields at multi-year

Pick your poison: For Fed, it’s higher inflation or an inevitable return to quantitative easing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Great Recession ended a decade ago this month, but for the U.S.

China’s food inflation rose 6.1% in April as pork prices spiked

China’s April consumer inflation was in line with expectations, but a spike in pork prices contributed

Japan’s inflation edges higher but its central bank is still in a bind

Japan’s core inflation picked up slightly in March from a year earlier, but remained distant from

Inflation could be a problem for India as surging oil prices and monsoon fears take hold

Surging oil prices and monsoon fears are driving up the risk of higher inflation in India,

Consumer inflation could get lift from rising gasoline prices

Consumer inflation probably got a boost from rising gasoline prices in March, but it should not